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A Little About Me

I began freelancing in 2007 while attending Ringling College of Art and Design. It was always my dream to have my own business. 

Since then, I've illustrated hundreds of portraits, illustrated six children's books, created lots of hand-lettered signs for businesses from California to Florida, and illustrated my first comic book! 

I have received an award for my children's illustrations and two of my illustrated recipes are included in the largest collection of illustrated recipes from artists around the world. One self-imposed challenge of drawing every day was all it took for me to discover my love of food illustration. I also like playing with handwritten text and experimenting with media. The majority of my commission work is created traditionally using printmaking techniques, some paint, and colored pencil; but I am also growing to love illustrating on my iPad. 

Most days I try to balance chasing my crawling, curious baby around with creating beautiful things. I love coffee and sweets even if I can only have each in small measures. My favorite color changes all the time. I talk to my animals.

If you are a current client reading this I want to say “Thank You” because it's been a privilege working with so many wonderful people to create amazing things. If we have yet to collaborate then maybe it’s time to get in touch!


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